On September 21st 2007, Cedar Fair announced that beginning in 2008, "Geauga Lake and Wild Water Kingdom" in Aurora, OH would operate exclusively as a water park to be named "Geauga Lake's Wild Water Kingdom," bringing an sudden and unexpected end to the 119 year old Geauga Lake while simultaneously disillusioning thousands of loyal guests.

In the days that followed, an outpouring of support spread across many outlets on the internet.  From message boards to news articles, everyone had an opinion either for or against the decision to transform the park.

This site has been created in an attempt to connect those outlets and the people who created and contributed to them.  Links will be updated as they become available.  Neither this website or its authors have any affiliation with Geauga Lake or Cedar Fair, nor do we assume any responsibility for any of the content on any linked website.  Thank you for visiting this site.

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Official Cedar Fair Press Release | Cedar Fair Main Site | Geauga Lake Today
This Is Geauga Lake - Amusement Park Remembered 1887-2007, Documentary

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Fan-Created Support Sites


Coaster Buzz | CB Podcast

Geauga Lake Memories

Geauga Lake on YouTube

Aurora Historical Society
Coaster Photo Gallery
Webshots Photo Gallery 1
Webshots Photo Gallery 2
2004 Park Brochure
Coaster Grotto (Photos)
Another Coaster Photo Gallery
More Coaster Pictures

Television Commercials (YouTube)

 2007 Season 1 | 2007 Season 2
2004 Season | Mind Eraser Open

Forums & Message Boards

Official Cleveland.com Blog
Eric Mansfield's Thoughts
The Quick & The Dead
Yahoo! Answers Forum
Yahoo! Groups
The Coaster Critic
Adult Swim Board
Negative-G Board
KIExtreme Board
Cleveland Browns Msg Board
Disney World Message Board
My Blog Is Your Blog Too!
Blue Buzzards Blog

Web Resources

Geauga Lake on Wikipedia
The Big Dipper on Wikipedia
Geauga Lake on Myspace
Cedar Fair and the SEC
Love To Know Theme Parks
DoubleLoop on UltimateCoaster

National Amusement Park
Historical Association

Regional Media Reports


WKYC (NEW - Big Dipper Coverage)
WFMJ (WFMJ-TV 21, Youngstown)


Aurora Advocate: Article 1
Aurora Advocate: Article 2
Columbus Dispatch
Toledo Blade

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Article 1 | Article 2

More Press Coverage

 Gadling | PR Newswire
 Cleveland Leader Online
Crain's Cleveland Business
The Motley Fool | Vindy.com
Goliath | Coaster News Network

Geauga Lake On YouTube

Geauga Lake 1966 | 1978 ShowSix Flags Home Video | Geauga Lake
More Geauga Lake Video | Opening Day 2007 | Coaster Force Live
  Geauga Lake History (KDKA News) | Closing Day 2006 | CoasterImage
Geauga Lake Parking Lot 1984 | ThrillCoaster Tours | Geauga Lake 2001
Roller Coaster Videos | Coaster EXT | CIG Video | Roller Coaster Rap

Tribute Videos
Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5 | Video 6 | Video 7

The Wave | Double Loop | Double Loop2 | Frog Hopper
Thunderhawk (Serial Thriller) | Thunderhawk2 | Thunderhawk3
 Thunderhawk4 | Steel VenomSteel Venom2 | Ripcord | Ripcord2 | Ripcord3 X-Flight1 | X-Flight2 | X-Flight3 | Dominator (Batman) | Dominator2 | Dominator3 Dominator4 | Dominator5 | Dominator6 | Villan | Villan2 | Villan3 | Villan4      Texas Twister | TT2 | Head Spin (Mind Eraser) | ME2 | Big Dipper | Big Dipper2
Big Dipper3 | Big Dipper4 | Thunderhawk Stuck | Sky Glide (1984)
Water Slide |
Water Slide2 | Neptune Falls (1984) | Beaver Land Mine Ride


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